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Q1: I have got vibration problems! What can I do?

A1: High-precision measurements and high-resolution microscopy, especially down to the nanometer-scale, can be easily disturbed by vibrations from outside. Possible sources are:
  • building and floor vibrations (vertical: 5-30 Hz, horizontal: 0.5-10 Hz)
  • acoustic vibrations (>20 Hz)
  • motorized equipment and machinery (10-500 Hz)
There are passive and active isolation systems to damp these disturbing vibrations.
Passive systems will often be applied by mounting the system on rubber stamps inside an acoustic hood or using a heavy table mounted on soft springs. This soulution can be used successfully to isolate relatively high frequencies (>50 Hz) but beware this is the worst possible "solution" for low frequency building vibrations.
Active systems damp low frequency vibrations actively, especially in the range where passive systems have their resonance frequency.

See chapter 'TECHNOLOGY' for further details
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