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Active Vibration Isolation
the Modern technologies in the field of high-sensitive measurements, high-resolution microscopy, and high precision manufacturing have an increasing demand on effective vibration isolation systems to stop the influence of disturbing ambient vibrations (e.g. building, floor, traffic, machinery, sound, airflow).
HWL offers complete solutions to avert the environmental challenges for highest sensitive instrumentations in industry and research. Our systems overcome the drawback of classical passive systems.
The new TS-series
covers a wide range of applications.

max. load capacities   120 - 2400 kg
dimensions 400x450x75 mm³ - customizable
frequency 0.7 - 1000 Hz (active damping)
Key applications
- Confocal Laser Microscopy
- Interferometry
- Metrology/Profilometry
- Nano Lithography
- Ultrathin Film Applications
Active versus passive isolation
Microstructure on etched SiO2
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NEW Low Power Technology (LP) Our systems are now equipped with the unique LP Technology.
 -  no electromagnetic pollution to upset delicate instruments
 -  no heating up by strongly reduced consumption
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