The TS-Series :
Proven technical excellence with elegant design

The isolation of the TS-Series begins at 0.7Hz, increasing rapidly to 40db beyond 10Hz. The lack of any low frequency resonance means much better performance than with most common passive air damping approaches. The inherent stiffness of the TS systems imparts excellent directional and positional stability. The outstanding performance of the TS-Series includes all six translational and rotational vibration modes. The precise automatic height adjustment mechanism stabilizes the top plate at an optimized working level even after major changes of load. A remote control allows the isolation to be switched  “ON” and “OFF” externally.

Main features

  • Active Isolation capabilities:
    0.7 - 300Hz in all 6 degrees of freedom (purely passive beyond 300Hz)
  • Piezoelectric sensor and actuator technology
  • Settling time: < 10ms
  • Performance (Reduction of incoming vibrations):
    5Hz > 26dB (95% reduction)
    10Hz > 40dB (99% reduction)
  • Fully automatic setup and calibration
  • No air required
  • No low frequency resonance
  • Low power technology
    -> no heating up
    -> strongly reduced power consumption
    -> no electromagnetic disturbances

The TS-Series active vibration isolation tables are available in several different sizes

 Model Dimensions Max. Load
TS-C30 300 x 300 x  70 mm³   40 kg
TS-150/LP 400 x 450 x  75 mm³ 150 kg
TS-140/LP 500 x 600 x  84 mm³ 140 kg
TS-140+40/LP 500 x 600 x  84 mm³ 180 kg
TS-300LT/LP 600 x 800 x 120 mm³ 120 kg
TS-300/LP 600 x 800 x 120 mm³ 300 kg

Availaible top plate designs:

  Material Customization
*Default Aluminium* Solid*
  Stainless Steel Solid
  Aluminium M6 x 25mm grid or 1/4"-20 x 1 inch grid
  Stainless Steel M6 x 25mm grid or 1/4"-20 x 1 inch grid



The TS-C30 is the newest addition to the TS table top family and has very unique features. It has an even smaller form factor than the TS-150/LP while offering outstanding active vibration isolation capabilities. It comes at a very affordable price supporting compact measuring equipment.


This compact state-of-the-art dynamic vibration isolation table achieves better isolation than most other comparable vibration damping systems. Ready-to-use on a plug-and-switch basis, the TS-150/LP now has been setting the standards for an excellent performing and easy-to-handle vibration isolation solution. Mainly used with Atomic Force Microscopy in the lab, the TS-150/LP acts also as carryon luggage to make on-site demonstrations successful even in an unknown or rough environment (e.g. exhibition ground).
Available also with drilled top plates with holes in metric or non-metric grid.

TS-140/LP and TS-140+40/LP

The medium-sized dynamic vibration isolation system is ideally suited for all applications which need more space on the top plate than is achievable with the TS-150/LP. Drilled top plates with holes in metric or non-metric grid allow mounting of various equipment on the isolated table top.

TS-300/LP and TS-300-LT/LP

The TS-300/LP is designed as a large area supporting table top damping system. Ideally suited for high sensitive applications which require more than one instrument on a common top plate (e.g. laser + microscope). The TS-300/LP comes in two different versions: TS-300-LT/LP and TS-300/LP. The light version TS-300-LT/LP is well suited to carry loads up to 120 kg and the TS-300/LP up to 300 kg. The TS-300-LT/LP should be used with a stable support frame (available on request).
Available also with drilled top plates with holes in metric and non-metric grid.