LFS-3 Low Frequency Sensor

The LFS-3 low frequency sensor measures horizontal and vertical accelerations in three axes down to frequencies of about 0.2Hz. The sensor is placed directly on the floor and is used in a feed forward loop in combination with standard AVI/LP systems to increase the vibration isolation at very low frequencies. The LFS can be retro-fitted to existing AVI-LP systems.

The table below shows the vibration isolation characteristics of an AVI/LP system with and without LFS-3.

 Frequency AVI/LP system  AVI/LP system + LFS 
0.7 Hz    6.0 db  - 2.2 db
1 Hz    2.4 db  - 9.5 db
2 Hz  - 6.0 db  -26.0 db
3Hz  -14.0 db  -32.0 db
4 Hz  -20.0 db  -35.0 db
5 Hz  -23.5 db  -43.0 db
10 Hz  -34.0 db  <-50.0 db