The Wave Catcher

The WaveCatcher site survey tool has been developed and refined to deliver comprehensive environmental data in a compact, user-friendly package. Created to be accessible and easily understood by any user, the WaveCatcher delivers precisely measured environmental data with a push of a button.

Utilizing configurable software features and robust hardware options, the WaveCatcher is able to acquire complex and comprehensive environmental data (vibration, acoustic, and EMI noise) within seconds. Defining your WaveCatcher package is easy: simply let us know what type of environmental noise needs to be measured, across what frequency range, and we will help deliver the best solution to meet your research needs!

Hardware Features

The WaveCatcher is compatible with a variety of vibration, acoustic, and EMI sensors, which can be easily customized to meet the requirements of any application.
Provided below are some available hardware options for the WaveCatcher:
  • Triple axis vibration sensor VA-2c
  • Broadband acoustic microphone
  • Triple axis EMI sensor
  • Compact, highly portable carrying case
  • Analog-to-digital converter
  • WaveCatcher signal analysis software with compact computer
WaveCatcher Case

WaveCatcher carrying case

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3-axis vibration sensor VA2-C

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Acoustic Microphone

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EMI sensor


3-Axis AC/DC EMI Sensor

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Software Features

The WaveCatcher software is constantly evolving to help researchers better understand their environment. It’s modern software design enables users to quickly and accurately perform site survey measurements with the push of a button. New features and overall improvements to the software are added monthly, which becomes available to any WaveCatcher user subscribed to the WaveCatcher Software Upgrade plan.

Provided below are some key features available with the WaveCatcher software:
  • Quick Measurements: Quickly measure acoustic, vibration and EMI noise with the push of a button.
  • High Repeatability: Pre-loaded and user-defined protocols ensure measurements can be performed with consistent and reliable measurement parameters.
  • Multiple Measurement Modes: The WaveCatcher software comes with multiple measurement modes to support a diverse set of measurement needs (e.g. FFT, periodic, and continuous).
  • Dynamic Data Post Processing: Dynamic post-processing for immediate analysis and review of measurement data and sample modes.
  • Multi-Sensor Measurements: Multiple sensor measurements for complex and customized data collection, popular for transmissibility testing.


 Model Sensors included
WaveCatcher-B No sensors included, base WaveCatcher hardware and software
WaveCatcher-V Triple axis vibration sensor VA-2c
WaveCatcher-A Acoustic microphone
WaveCatcher-E Triple axis EMI sensor
WaveCatcher-VA Triple axis vibration sensor VA-2c and Acoustic microphone
WaveCatcher-VE Triple axis vibration sensor VA-2c and Triple axis EMI sensor
WaveCatcher-AE Acoustic microphone and Triple axis EMI sensor
WaveCatcher-VAE Triple axis vibration sensor VA-2c, Acoustic microphone and Triple axis EMI sensor